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The Go Doctor is open source, released under a three-clause BSD-style license. To get the Go Doctor source code, fork the Go Doctor project at GitHub.

Please create an issue at the GitHub site if you run into any problems. Pull requests are welcome.


The Go Doctor was initially supported by a Google Faculty Research Award to Jeffrey Overbey and Munawar Hafiz, formerly of Auburn University, with Alan Donovan (Google, Inc.) serving as the project sponsor.  Source code contributions have been made by:

  • Reed Allman – Flow analysis, CLI, Vim support
  • Venkatesh Reddy Burgula – Rename
  • William Frazier – Add Godoc, Extract Local Variable
  • Steffi Mariya Gnanaprakasa – Toggle var ⇔ :=, Extract Function
  • Robert Horn – OpenRefactory protocol, Web demo, Add Godoc
  • Jeff Overbey – Infrastructure, CLI, Vim support, Web site, Rename, Extract refactorings
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